5 September 2006, on this momentous day a handful of students vowed to spread the light of literacy, and inform the masses about the importance of education. And in the fire of this pledge Prayaas was forged.
Prayaas is an organization instituted to help impecunious children who can barely manage a single day's meal. The organization is a great initiative and has helped many desultory children map their tracks and future as well as relish their monotonous life with a small ray of hope. Unsurprisingly the strength of the pillars on which Prayaas stands is determined by the erudition of its volunteers who have down the years shaped its destiny.
We work hard to provide better conditions to these children and try to eradicate the ailments that mar our society. We don't claim to have reformed the society but understand that wars against nations are fought to change maps but the war against illiteracy is fought to map change. Together we can, and together we will.
Honorable Director
Prof. Somenath Biswas
Faculty Co-ordinator
Dr. Shirshur Verma
Puneet Vijay